From a very young age, I always had an inkling that God had a tremendous plan for my life. I have always been a dreamer of big things. When I was young, I thought I was the only one that experienced this, and I kept it to myself. However, as I have grown up, met new people and been blessed to peer into the hearts of so many people on this ministry journey, I have realised that my inkling was the inkling of so many, if not everyone, I met. I believe that God has called me to big things, and God has called YOU to big things. Before you skip over the last line to keep reading, please read that again.

 God has called YOU to big things. 

If you are tempted to disbelieve it when you read that, guess what? Satan’s plan for your life is already unfolding. Satan’s grand plan for your life is to convince you not only that God has not called you to greatness but that even if he had, you wouldn’t be gifted enough to achieve it. 

Satan’s grand plan for your life is to rob you of the freedom, love, happiness and joy that comes from living a Jesus-centred life. A life of joy and happiness in pursuit of holiness. Satan is real. He relentlessly attacks us and tempts us with destructive schemes and empty promises, leading to sin, misery, and spiritual death. Satan’s grand plan is to ensure you do not love God above all things on earth so that you will not love Him above all things forever in Heaven.

A spiritual master once told me, 

“Simon, Satan’s grand plan for your life is – anything but God!” 

This made so much sense. I can see how Satan has used things in my life which aren’t inherently evil to draw my focus away from God. For example, for some reason, every day when I attend mass, my mind is constantly drifting away to the workout I did that morning, the soccer game I played the day before or the work I have set out for that day. It makes total sense. Anything but God is Satan’s plan. There is nothing wrong with the gym, sport or work, but they can become distractions from God, who is most important during that time. 

But he doesn’t just work at distracting you from the good; he also sets evil traps for you. He will tempt you to fall into many destructive thinking patterns, emotions and actions. He wants you to live in fear, self-pity, bitterness and unforgiveness. He wants you to live in insecurity, hurt, regret, resentment, hatred and doubt. He wants you to feel abandoned, rejected, lonely, depressed and anxious. This is Satan’s plan for your life, and he has an army ready to go to work on you each day.

But there is great news! Our God is greater, and Our God is stronger! This is a battle we can’t win on our own, but thanks be to God – literally – we were never expected to fight or win on our own. In fact, we cant! 

Today, renounce the Devil in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Worship God in prayer and song, repent of your sins, believe in God’s goodness, accept your need for Jesus as Saviour, forgive those you are harbouring anger toward and ask God to bless you with all the gifts needed to fulfil His plan for your life. Pursuing a life of holiness is not easy, but nothing is as painful as living a life void of God’s love and plan.

So who’s plan for your life do you want to follow?