With all the confusion and harmful agendas being pushed on children in society today, it can be a scary time to raise a family. It is understandable to be concerned about the world our children are being brought into.

But, will you be paralysed by fear and withdraw from the world, or will you step up, fire up and answer the call for our time? The best way to fight evil is with good!

Every time I notice myself getting worried about the attacks on gender, marriage, and family life in our world, I remind myself that the most powerful way I can stand up to this evil is to raise a holy, Catholic family of my own.

We need fathers who lead their families in prayer and spend intentional time with their children, teaching them and guiding them.

We need mothers who love their children endlessly, affirming their goodness and praising every virtuous act.

We need children who grow up in relationship with the Lord, fed with the knowledge of the truth, so they can go out into the world and be salt and light.

The most powerful weapon against a society that is attacking gender, marriage, and family, is to raise a holy family that will fight on their knees and witness to the joy that marriage in God’s design can bring.