A few years ago, a young woman approached me and said rather abruptly, “Why is it that you only talk about sex? There is so much more to the Catholic faith than just sex.”

Although this isn’t entirely true – that I only talk about sex – I do spend more time on that topic than any other. I responded by saying that the Church’s teaching on human sexuality lights a fire within me that no other subject does. When I speak about the Theology of the Body, I come alive!

I then asked her, “What topic within the Catholic faith are you most passionate about? What makes you come alive?” She told me it was Church history.

I then said to her, “The sad thing is, I am no better off in my knowledge of Church history because of your passion for it. You have failed to take your love and knowledge of history and share it with me in any real or empowering way. Has anyone else benefited from your love for Church history?” 

I was a little firmer than I would typically be with this young woman, but I did it to make an important point which she later understood. I believe that God has placed a burning passion to fight for a good cause in all of our hearts. I love the pro-life movement, the work of the St Vincent De Paul Society, and The Legion of Mary apostolate, yet I am not passionate enough about their cause to dedicate my life to them.

Rather than criticise someone passionate about helping people in a particular area, we should prayerfully discover what makes us come alive and give our lives in a dedicated way to that! An easy way to discover this call is to ask yourself what angers you in a holy way? What evil in the world makes you want to fight for change? What is it that if only more people knew about it would save them pain and suffering? Start there.

I believe that the Lord has blessed all of us with different loves and talents. If we all respond to our unique calling, we will set the world on fire. If we all responded to that one cause we are deeply convinced of, every need in the Church and in the world would be met. 

You see, it’s impossible to do everything. That is why God does not call us all to serve in every apostolate. We are the Body of Christ, and we all have a role to play in building up the Kingdom. Not many people are Theology of the Body speakers or Church historians. Not everyone is called to join a pro-life club, the St Vincent de Paul Society or the Legion of Mary. Maybe you are called to join one of them! Search your heart and see!

I think this is what St Catherine of Siena was getting at when she said, “If you are who you should be, you will set the whole world on fire.” All of us have a God-given mission inside of us. And when we discover it, an inextinguishable fire will be set alight in our hearts that we must share with the world.

Passion is contagious!

I call myself blessed to have found what sets my heart on fire. The teaching of the Catholic Church on human sexuality is liberating and offers a joy that is available to everyone! I wake up every morning energised and motivated to serve because I have a compelling “why” to my life. More than anything, I love seeing people find sexual freedom in their singleness, dating relationships, and marriages.

What is your compelling “why” to get up each day? What mission has the Lord placed on your heart that you are eager to share with the world?