“A little over three years ago, I had the pleasure of being at the launch of a new initiative called Fire Up Ministries. Along with several hundred young people, I gathered at Epping for the launch of this marvellous initiative by Simon and Madeleine Carrington. I first had the pleasure of meeting the Carringtons quite early in my ministry as an Auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of Sydney when Simon and Madeleine were engaged to be married. The next time our paths crossed was when I participated in a panel to discuss vocations in August 2017. Just two months shy of their wedding day, which they celebrated on 7 October – the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary – Simon and Madeleine were representing couples called to married life. I distinctly remember being impressed not only by their eloquence, but also their radiating a clear sense to others that what they were living out as a soon-to-be-married couple was nothing less than a response to God’s call. In a similar way, I am convinced that what they embarked upon with Fire Up Ministries is also a response to a call. The world, and our young people in particular, is crying out for good news regarding issues that plumb the depths of their identity, particularly those that touch upon that very beautiful and delicate, yet complex and profound area of human sexuality. When we look around the world, we are constantly being given reminders of the darkness that envelops it, particularly in all matters relating to human identity. But as the saying goes, ‘it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’, and both Simon and Madeleine are in their burgeoning ministry, providing that little bit of light to the young people of Broken Bay, Parramatta, Sydney, and beyond. I believe that this is indeed good news for our community of the Church – especially for our young people as they explore their conviction in life and mission as men and women of faith. Simon and Madeleine’s vision has promoted a mission to restore marriage and family life in our culture by proclaiming Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, which is a comprehensive teaching encompassing all of life from conception until natural death. A topic that is indeed ripe for our time. People often ask me for direction and resources that might assist in making positive and fruitful choices in life. I would encourage communities throughout Broken Bay to see Fire Up Ministries as one such experience which offers positive Catholic teaching and experience to our young people.”

Most Rev Anthony Randazzo Bishop of Broken Bay

“Relationships, sexuality and marriage are hot topics in our society. The Church has a store not only of ancient wisdom but also of new and fresh insights into these vital issues. It is encouraging and exciting to see young people rise up with a passion to share the beauty and inspiration of Catholic teaching on these issues. It is young people sharing with their own generation that is most effective. I was delighted to have Simon and Madeleine speak to the young people in Hobart. I thank them for their commitment to offer young people the Gospel of truth and life.”

Julian Porteous DD Archbishop of Hobart

“I am pleased to give my endorsement to Fire Up Ministries. In a culture of hedonism and great moral confusion, there is real need for clear markers on how to foster healthy personal relations. Fire Up Ministries is a great aid towards helping people in their apprenticeship of living the full demands of their faith. I congratulate Simon and Madeleine Carrington on this initiative and very much look forward to following, with interest, the growth and accomplishments of their good work.”

Richard Umbers DD VG Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney

I wholeheartedly endorse the work of Simon Carrington and the Fire Up Ministries team. They are on the front line for the battle of purity with teenagers, young adults and parents. I constantly hear stories of people’s lives being transformed thanks to the work of Fire Up ministries. From the courses, the resources, the seminars, conferences, parish retreats and online programs, it is making a big difference. I strongly encourage every parish and school to book Simon Carrington from Fire Up ministries, as you will see this as an investment for the future of our young people and the Church as a whole. An amazing apostolate.”

Charbel Raish  Founder and Director, Parousia Media

“Every time I visit Australia to speak, people there tell me that it is ‘missionary territory’ because so many young Australians have yet to hear the good news of the Church, especially as it pertains to chastity and human sexuality. Therefore, what Australia needs right now are true missionaries, and Simon Carrington is one of them! His love for the faith, his zeal for souls, and his understanding of the Church’s teachings on chastity are contagious.”

Jason Evert Founder, Chastity Project

“As a student of mine, I recognized a fire in Simon Carrington from the start.  Having listened to him teach, I can tell he has integrated what he learned in the classroom deeply in his own life, that it has become a lived experience for him.  He teaches from the heart, with passion, with insight, and with love.  You will not be disappointed bringing Simon to speak for your organization!”

Christopher West  Founder and President, Theology of the Body Institute

“Simon Carrington is a spirit-filled evangelist who is incredibly gifted by the Holy Spirit. He has a deep love for the Catholic faith, and his inspired and engaging presentations will penetrate your heart and stir your soul. Fuelled by the fire of God’s love, Simon’s passion and enthusiasm will motivate you to go deeper in your faith. If you are looking for a great speaker for your next event, look no further!”

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers  Author, Behold the Man and Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before

“I can’t find adequate words for just how proud I am of Simon and Madeleine Carrington. From the first time I met them, I knew the Lord had His hand firmly on both of them; and now as a married couple, they are helping to lead the charge in Australia by setting hearts on fire for Christ and His Church. Their ministry, Fire Up, is a light that shines bright in a world that can be dark and lonely for many. Simon and Maddie have lit a torch of faith, truth, virtue, and love, they are certainly leaders worth following.”

Sarah Swafford Speaker and Author of Emotional Virtue, A Guide to Drama Free Relationships

“Madeleine Carrington is an anointed speaker and a dedicated servant of Jesus Christ. Her address to the youth at the Chosen Youth Retreat 2018 was saturated with the Spirit-filled word of God. I was especially impressed by her direct, no-frills approach. The success of her message derived from the quality, faithfulness, and relevance of its content, along with the transparency of her presence, without the glitz and glamour of a showy media performance. Integrity, conviction, humility, and joy: these are the words that best summarise what I heard and witnessed that day. She and Simon make a wonderful team. May the Lord bless all their endeavours in his name.”

Associate Professor Adam G. Cooper John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, Melbourne

“I have known Simon Carrington for more than five years as a person who is passionate about his Catholic Faith and actively engaged in the new evangelisation. He has also been a student of mine through the degree course in Theology at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. I have personally attended presentations made by Simon in the field of human relationships and sexuality and found them to be vibrant, faithful and highly engaging. He presents the Church’s teaching on sensitive areas with tact and authenticity and has a joyful style that would be attractive to young persons of secondary school age. From my own encounters with his work I would highly recommend him to school principals and other leaders of religious education.”

Robert Haddad  Head of New Evangelisation Religious Education and Evangelisation

“I was recently at a conference with a large gathering of men and had the opportunity to listen and learn from Key Note speaker Simon Carrington. He was very well prepared, powerful, passionate and closed with some practical suggestions that I could take home and apply to my own life and relationships. Simon is a gifted speaker and I have no hesitation in recommending and endorsing him for any speaking engagement.”

Robert Falzon Speaker, Author and Founder of menALIVE

“I have known Simon and Madeleine for the past four years and have collaborated with them through my work with Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta and again in my present role as Team Leader Life Marriage and Family Diocese of Broken Bay. Simon and Madeleine represent the new face of the Church in Australia. They are on fire with love for the Lord and are invested in a very real way with the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. They have Mary as their Mother and Queen and take her as their model as they apply what Pope Francis has called the ‘Marian style’ to the Church’s work of evangelisation. (Evangelii Gudium 288) I have seen with my own eyes and have heard with my own ears the effect that they are having on people not only across our own nation, but also in recent time on audiences even as far away as Europe. The effect on the individual is a renewed look at one’s heart in accord with the Gospel; to know that one is unique and irreplaceable and that God is our Father who has given us a certain way to live and act and for our own fulfilment and happiness. Simon and Madeleine walk in the Lord’s way themselves and are thus able to give an authentic witness to those to whom they minister. Again, Simon and Madeleine are very well formed in their faith and have a special gift in imparting a fundamental understanding of the human person to both the young and mature alike. I know from experience that Simon and Madeleine, with the great love they have for and the affinity they have with the young, will always touch hearts. I also know that they are inspiring many parents and couples to live out their marriage vows in the hope that their example and leadership will assist their own children to seek the good in their own lives and through their own choices. Simon and Madeleine’s expertise in human sexuality and human identity is a great gift to our nation and is critically needed especially at this time where the basic tenants of what it means to be male and female are more and more under threat. I unhesitatingly endorse Simon and Madeleine Carrington as very effective speakers and mentors and who have great skills in communicating their knowledge and content.”

Steven Buhagiar Team Leader of Life, Marriage and Family Office, Diocese of Broken Bay Former Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta

“Simon presents a real and authentic look at chastity for young men of different ages. His positive and encouraging approach of such an integral virtue in the lives of young people was thought provoking and enlightening. His stories and engaging points really resonated in the hearts and minds of those who witnessed his talk. Sharing his insights in the truths behind what the Church teaches really provides a young man with something to think about when they approach relationships. I encourage more young men in particular to hear Simon’s wisdom on Chastity to help them understand the importance and beauty of developing relationships in an honourable, genuine and loving way.”

Glen Thompson Sydney Catholic Schools

“Simon spoke in two separate sessions to the upper and lower aged high school students at our Archdiocesan youth camp in early 2016. I was impressed by his ability to address both groups of young people in ways that were relevant and appropriate to their ages. Simon uses a mix of life examples and his own personal story to translate in a meaningful way to young people the Catholic vision for life and love. I can recommend Simon as a speaker on relationships and chastity to young people.”

Bernard Toutounji  National Director, Aid to the Church in Need Former Director of Catholic Youth Services, Archdiocese of Sydney

“Simon Carrington is someone who speaks very openly and honestly about the virtue of chastity. He is able to present the teachings of the church on sexuality and dating in a way that is applicable and appropriate to his youth audience. Simon has a strong personal faith, which permeates his talks and highlights the beauty of this teaching. He has spoken at several youth groups in the Archdiocese of Sydney and some Archdiocesan events including the Archdiocesan youth camp 2016. Simon is a speaker who is able to connect with his audience through his own personal testimony and use of humour when presenting on the topic of chastity. I would recommend Simon as a speaker on chastity to the youth in the Sydney Archdiocese.”

Tomasz Juszczak Director of Office of Youth Evangelisation, Archdiocese of Hobart Former Youth Ministry Support Officer for Catholic Youth Services, Archdiocese of Sydney

“Simon Carrington is an amazing speaker and, more importantly, an incredible witness! It is hard to find someone who speaks so passionately from the heart like him. You will not be disappointed to have Simon come speak. He is inspiring, authentic, knowledgable, & will most definitely “fire up” your community to want to live out God’s plan for human sexuality!”

Brendan McCauley Co-Founder of Humanum Project, Speaker



“Simon was phenomenal for our senior students. His authenticity, sincerity and humility were interwoven with his good humour, which made us truly engage and reflect on what it truly means to love and to give oneself. His testimony and encouraging words really did ‘fire us up’ to be courageous, countercultural and foremost to imitate the love of Christ, who invites us to love fully, freely and responsibly. We eagerly await for his next visit!”

Isabel Montes Mentor and Secondary Formation Coordinator Tangara School for Girls

“Simon Carrington speaks with amazing openness and energy on the topic of manhood and respect for women. The Year 7-9 boys were completely engaged in this session. He uses stories, humour and frank ideas in an entertaining and convincing way. Many students approached me afterwards to say that Simon was the most effective guest speaker they have had at school. I highly recommend Simon to speak to all secondary boys and girls.”

Chris Tanna Director of Secondary Formation, Redfield College, Dural

“Simon is an inspiring and engaging speaker for young people today. The courage and humour with which he shares his story helped to open the eyes of my students to the meaning of authentic love, the dangers of pornography, and the importance of the virtue of modesty.”

Kristine Malabanan Religion Teacher, Tangara School for Girls, Cherrybrook

“Simon Carrington is an exceptional young man of faith and good character, who is capable of imparting his faith in a very real and passionate way. He has an amazing way of connecting to his audience by sharing his personal testimony, leaving the audience laughing, shedding a few tears and totally engaged. Simon encourages our youth of today to strive to live the virtues of chastity and purity. His testimony is witness to the truth that these beautiful virtues are still attainable in our highly sexualised society. Put simply, he inspires young people to strive for holiness in their daily lives. He doesn’t claim that it’s easy, but he shows that it’s through the struggles that we grow and develop in our love for Christ and for others.”

Rita Sakr Coordinator Personalised Education, Tangara School for Girls, Cherrybrook

“Simon’s ‘Man Talk’ will set the hearts of men on fire for love of purity, chastity and ultimately Christ! His message will resonate with young people with its sheer beauty of presentation.”

Charbel Doumit Religious Education Teacher, Holy Cross College, Ryde

“Simon’s talk on Chastity was very open and honest. Making himself so vulnerable in sharing his personal struggles I think really helped to build trust with the audience and highlight the challenges that are so prevalent in our society. The message of love as a self-giving rather than self-taking act was central to everything he covered in his talks. Using Saint John Paul the Great’s Theology of the Body to underpin what he was talking about meant that the message he spoke remained true to Church Teaching and his talks were delivered with clarity and good humour. I would highly recommend Simon to speak to all high school students.”

Luke Burton Principal, St Mary Mackillop College, Albury

“From the very first clip I ever watched of Simon, I had a great urge to scream out ‘YES!’ thank God someone is finally talking to young people about this!! I wish I’d heard this talk when I was 17 years old and in my first serious relationship. The gift that you have to offer the youth of today is priceless and I pray that you always feel supported in your ministry. Your talks have touched me in a way that I can’t explain. God bless you always!”

Alison Khalil Family Educator, St Kevin’s Eastwood

“Simon Carrington’s talk ‘Finding the Love that Satisfies’ today was attended by 40 students in years 10 and 11 at Epping Boys High School. From the very first moment, the students were visibly engaged. The topic was right for them. Simon’s manner was direct and down to earth, and they rewarded him with their full attention. No doubt there were students present who were possibly dealing with these very same issues and we could safely assume, they have no one to speak to about these particular difficulties. We could safely assume that they would never get to hear the concepts and spiritual values Simon explained so well. I especially liked the way Simon reinforced certain key ideas, which he wanted them to take away from his talk, and I liked the way he spoke of marriage as something to be sought after positively in the future. When he asked for a show of hands of those students hoping for a good marriage one day, many hands rose – this in itself delighted me! I was surprised and happy to see a generous cluster of what looked like 20 boys around him at his resources table on conclusion of the talk, which only confirmed to me, the talk’s relevance for this age group. I hope and intend to do whatever I can to provide further opportunities at the School to hear talks on related and relevant topics.”

Louise Brady, Catechist, Epping Boys High School



“As the Youth Chaplain for St John the Beloved Mt Druitt, I am constantly looking for great speakers to not only spread the word of God but motivate and inspire also. I reached out to Simon once I heard about his Theology of The Body course and organised the course to be done at the Church. Not often do you have close to a hundred people sign up to do a course and have the same number after the 6 week period. Listening to Simon speak and watching how he engages the youth has really inspired not only them but me also. I highly recommend Simon to anyone and any Church who is looking at running a Theology of the Body course. The extent of information and the way it is presented is very impressive. We have had nothing but positive feedback from all the people who have done the course, young and old.”

Fr. Youssef Elias Youth Chaplain, St John the Beloved Maronite Parish, Mt Druitt

“I had the opportunity to listen to Simon Carrington speak to a class of year 12 girls. I think that it was the best way to help them think properly about deep topics such as; love, chastity, spiritual struggle, confession, the Eucharist, real friendship and sincerity. It is not easy to cover so many important topics in one talk! With his personal story and example, the girls were engaged, asking many good questions after the talk in the classroom and in a personal way, afterwards, with the parents, tutors and the priest. His talk has been a turning point for many of the students. And I know that the same has happened in other boy’s schools and in parishes. I would recommend Simon to speak at every high school and parish.”

Fr. Felix Navarro Chaplain of Redfield College, Dural

“I attended Simon Carrington’s talk “Are We Dating?” and found it to be excellent. He gave the talk to Year 12 girls and seemed to have their full attention throughout the duration of the long talk. He emphasised the importance of chastity and discernment in dating, stressing respect for the person dated and their family. His delivery was fluent and clear, with a touch of humour. I can recommend Simon wholeheartedly as a speaker.”

Fr. John Flader Chaplain of Tangara School for Girls, Cherrybrook

“Simon’s talk, ‘Finding the Love That Satisfies’ was very well received by our youth group, and a number of the members would love to hear Simon speak again. He is a captivating and motivating speaker, and a treasure trove of wisdom for young people. He presents the truth of the Catholic teaching on dating and sexuality in a positive light, along with a good dose of humour. Simon’s words give hope to young people with whom he identifies so well. I recommend Simon Carrington very highly.”

Fr. Ruben Martello AP St Bernadette’s Parish, Dundas Valley

“Simon’s talk was very well received from the point of view of the parents. It was Catholic, down to earth and very practical for them to follow. I would recommend Simon’s ‘Parenting Purity to Teens’ talk to anyone who wants to know more about the subject.”

Fr. Suresh Kumar PP St Padre Pio, Glenmore Park

Simon Carrington’s talk on discernment is a very wholistic approach to understanding one’s call or vocation whether it be to marriage, holy orders or consecrated singleness. The most valuable aspect to Simon’s presentation was that it is based solidly on the Catholic faith and teaching. I highly recommend Simon as a speaker, especially to young adults who are discerning their vocation.

Fr. Galbert Albino Vocations Director, Diocese of Parramatta



“My team and I listened to CD ‘Finding the Love That Satisfies’ together and the message was powerful and beautiful! You do amazing work, please continue to do what you do because it has incredible impact on the young people to hear and witness your Christ-like love.”

Katie Arhns NET Team Australia

“Simon has always been the first point of contact whenever we need to have a guest speaker on Theology of the Body. The body language of the teenagers when Simon is speaking has them sitting on the edge of their seats. Simon has a tremendous gift to explain the teachings on Chastity and purity. With relevant examples and practical solutions to problems, I’ve never encountered a teenager who hasn’t been touched by the talks Simon delivers. A highly recommended speaker to anyone who is in search of one!”

Tony Mattar Head of Evangelisation, Sydney University Catholic Centre

“The Teen Committee of St Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church in charge of Catechism classes just hosted Simon to speak to the teens of the parish. The feedback received from the teens was one of inspiration and great help in their lives. Simon delivered great information, with humour and understanding to the current challenges facing the teens today. We look forward to Simon’s next talk, and would recommend him to speak at other parishes and high schools.”

Tony Soueid Youth Minister at St Joseph’s Maronite Parish Croydon

“Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to one of the most inspiring talks by Simon Carrington. I didn’t know much about him, but when I was sitting there, hearing what he had to say, I immediately knew so much about him in that hour. His focus revolved around ‘The Universal Longing for Love’, incorporating what it means to long for Christ, His love, His plans, what it means to live as a Catholic. He also walked through his journey during his teenage years and how he grew and learnt from it. I’m not sure how everybody felt, but I was able to relate to an extent to what he went through – an empty desire. I was able to relate to Simon that God was not trying to ‘change’ my life but instead ‘transform’ my life according to His plan. This is what I needed; a reminder that God is always there working within us, no matter how empty or dull my day is. A reminder to be patient. A reminder to be humble and wise. A reminder to be myself. So for that, I would like to thank Simon for speaking to my parish.”

Teresa Winata Youth Coordinator of St. Joachim’s Parish Lidcombe

“Simon came to speak at St Bernadette’s to a group of people with ages from 13-45 years old, and was engaging to them all. He presented a concise and relatable talk on what it means to be chaste as a Catholic that was completely true to church teaching. I can honestly say that he was a blessing to our parish!”

James Hay Life Teen Youth Coordinator of St Bernadette’s Castle Hill

“It was such a delight to have Simon Carrington come out to our weekend retreat for our youth group. Simon is professional, easy to work with, and very passionate about the Theology of the Body. Some of our youth had never even heard of Theology of the Body and they were captured by his knowledge, and the personal love he has for the topic. The youth were lining up to ask more questions the entire weekend. Everyone is longing to better understand themselves, and Simon did an excellent job at presenting this beautiful Catholic teaching to the hungry people.”

Joshua Angrisano Youth Mission Team Youth Minister, Melbourne

“Simon Carrington come and speak to them about the topics of chastity and authentic dating. The fruits and the beauty behind the purpose of the presentation that Simon was giving really inspired the young people who attended. Simon spoke from the heart, spoke about his own personal experiences and revealed how beautiful dating and discerning your vocation can be if you do it right and if you do it out of pure, authentic love for God and for the other person. What he spoke about was very relatable to young people who are starting to experience such things and it’s crucial that more and more young people here these talks, especially with the topics that Simon covered; sexuality, love over lust, sacrifice, how to date and marriage. I personally, as the youth coordinator of the John the Baptist parish, could not recommend these talks more highly. Young people need to hear this and regardless of whatever attitude they have going into one of Simon’s talks, they will be left inspired and with much a clearer idea of how we should be dating and an uplifted desire to do so.”

Joseph Sullivan Youth Coordinator of St John the Baptist Parish, Bonnyrigg Heights

“As youth leaders of Holy Family Menai, having Simon come and talk to the young people in our parish was a real privilege. The professionalism and expertise Simon brought to the task was of the highest standard, only matched by his ability to forge a personal connection with the youth from the moment he walked into the room. Chastity is such a difficult topic to talk about to any high-schoolers, but the way in which Simon was able to deliver the true message of the Church, against the opposing pressures of society, was a real ace-in-the-hole for us. The youth listened attentively to every word he spoke and, as youth leaders, we are unashamed to admit that we too took away much inspiration from his talk. Simon is a charismatic, down-to-earth individual, an exceptional public speaker, and we look forward to having him come to our parish again in the near future.”

James McCulloch and Matthew French Youth Coordinators of Holy Family Parish Menai

“On behalf of the Parish we would like to extend a very gracious Thank You to you and Madeleine for coming out to speak to our young people on the very important topic, ‘Finding the love that Satisfies’. It was wonderful to see two young people like yourselves not only deliver what would otherwise be somewhat confronting for most teenagers today, but you joyfully live out the message that you preach. To our young people, you two are great relationship role models for them to consider emulating. You two embody the Christ-centered alternative that young people are called to live. On a personal note, as a father of five sons, I have to thank you for airing these topics, which would otherwise be quite awkward coming from ‘the old man!’ Chastity seems to be ‘cooler’ coming from another young male! My sons that were there appreciated your candor and frankness, and the fact that you both spoke honestly from personal experience. Thanks once again for all that you do, may God keep you aflame in your ministry!”

Tivoli Vaiotu Youth Coordinator of Good Shepherd Parish, Hoxton Park

“I wish to express my gratitude to Simon Carrington for his visit to Regina Coeli Youth Group. Some feedback included: ‘When is he coming again?’ ‘I can’t wait for his next talk’, ‘I wish my son had heard this.’ I am happy to recommend Simon. It is inspiring to hear a young person speaking with passion to other young people about the gift of chastity and beauty of human sexuality.”

Fr Gerard Woo Ling Youth Coordinator of Regina Coeli Parish Beverly Hills

“If you are who you’re meant to be you will set the world ablaze, St Catherine of Sienna was right. The theme and founding message of Fire up Ministries is empowering this love for all the hearts they touch. For a long time I have desired to bring forth the two founders of this newly established ministry Madeleine Vella and Fiancé Simon Carrington (soon to be wed and what a wonderful empowering couple they will make) to be a witness to all young people I encounter and work with. Authentic love in this culture has been lost for some time now and when I encountered Simon Carrington a couple of years ago in one of his talks, a truth revolutinised the world I lived in and freed myself from the disorders in my life. Ever since hearing that authentic love is possible through John Paul II’s Theology of the Body I was inspired to see others share and know the liberation that I had felt and now lived out. After having been sent by the Lord to serve in Tasmania this year I knew it was time to ask Simon and Madeleine to come to speak of the true love of God that satisfies; it was greatly needed. They spoke over a weekend at the very ends of the world in Hobart at St Mary’s Cathedral and although far it proved there is no limit to the Lord’s disciples. Blessed are the pure of heart and in both Madeleine on her talk on Beauty and Theology of the body and the saints (and other talks) and Simon’s Finding the love that satisfies (and other talks), we witnessed God at work. They relate to their audience to communicate the need to reorder our desires, to be responsible in how we love and encouraging each one of us on our paths to sanctity. Like Jason and Crystalina Evert, Like Christopher West and many other speakers, I would recommend both of them to any youth group, conference or school because although we are all not perfect, they strive to be the saints St John Paul II called all young people to be. Thank You Madeleine and Simon for surrendering to the world and saying yes to Heaven as you guide, learn and work towards living out in your work and marriage to be, the love of the World to come! You will be in our prayers as you continue your wonderful works!”

Jemille West Youth Coordinator of St Mary’s Cathedral, Hobart Chaplain of University of Tasmania

“Simon’s introduction to the Theology of the Body had the whole room engaged – both the young and young at heart! – The couple of hours flew by and had many walking out inspired, with a newfound appreciation for their dignity and the dignity of others. Simon led a wonderful evening that helped bring our community together again, in one of the first times since the lockdowns. Thank you Simon and Fire Up!”

Rosette Chidiac Youth Coordinator, Holy Cross Parish Granville

Simon spoke at our youth group earlier this year to present his, ‘Restore Love: Family event’. The feedback we received from our teenagers and parents was fantastic. Teens told me that after Simon’s talk, they wanted to find real love and not the counterfeit offered by the world. Some of the teens who are completing the RCIA course to become Catholic next Easter told me that Simon’s talk cemented their choice to become Catholic!
Simon was great to work with! He has the needs of my youth group and parish in the front of his mind when we planned this event. I would highly recommend Simon Carrington to be the next guest speaker at your parish!
Carmel Walsh Youth Minister St Francis of Assisi parish, Mill Park VIC



“For me, the Theology of the Body Course was not only Life-changing but truly LIFE-GIVING! The sessions challenged, moved and disturbed me in ways that I needed. It allowed me to discover my bondage to sin, deep wounds and pains of the childhood traumas that I have repressed and rooted in my heart which I was holding unto.
The TOB Course paved a communion with God to surrender and ask Him to help me to forgive those that had caused my childhood pain and trauma, and to help me break free from the chains of shame, low self-worth, sadness and the underlying anger.
As I had mentioned at the beginning the TOB Course is Life-changing and Life-giving. Life-changing as I had experienced Healing especially interior Healing, and Life-giving as I rediscovered Gods PURE Love. I learnt that when we reciprocate His pure love we are able to better love ourselves, through HIS lens, and in turn love others as He does.. ultimately giving ourselves as a Sacramental gift to others. I Praise and Thank God for the gift of Fire Up Ministries! To God be ALL the Glory & Praise! Keep the Fire burning!”
“Thank you for the Theology of the Body course! I always wondered why I couldn’t have sex before marriage because the responses of ‘you’re not allowed’ or ‘only if you’re married’ I received growing up never satisfied. Doing the TOB course answered my ‘WHY’ and opened my eyes to a deeper vision of Gods original design for our human sexuality. Now I only want what God wants, whatever it may be.”

“Hi Simon, I recently listened to your talk ‘Are We Dating?’. Thank you so much for that, I really needed to hear it! Especially as I have 3 male best friends and no boundaries with one of them. We have been friends with benefits for 5 years, and recently decided to stop. I’m feeling inspired to better my relationship with God, put my faith and trust in Him, and try to live a more chaste life! Thanks again and God bless you and Madeleine!”

“Simon’s talk was amazing. It was super easy to relate to everything he said, and it was both interesting and informative. He answered all the questions I had thought about but was too afraid to ask my parents. I learned how to approach situations such as dating, relationships and chastity. He helped me to think about things I had never thought about before and really opened my eyes about the reality of the virtues of Purity and Chastity. The things Simon taught me are lessons I will remember for a long time.”

“Simon’s speech gave me a different outlook into what it means to be a man. It was very captivating, engaging and very interesting.”

“Simon’s talk was incredibly insightful into how both boys and girls perceive each other. Thanks for helping me to better understand others and myself and for encouraging me not to be afraid to have high standards.”

“Simon was very friendly and approachable. His talk was great as he didn’t use a huge amount of theological jargon, difficult theories and an in-depth knowledge of theology was not required to grasp what he was saying. It was great that he spoke about his personal experiences and I really liked that he explained what a “real man” was and what “real love” is – it just gives everyone an idea of what they should be aiming for. At the end he gave practical examples of how he struggles to live a chaste life, which was very helpful.”

“I learned from Simon’s talk that it’s never too late to make a change, just like he did. Very inspirational!”

“I have read many books and heard many talks on chastity since I was 13, and I have been trying to keep myself pure for my spouse. I am now 16 years old, and you basically gave me the golden ticket!”

“Simon’s talk just made so much sense! It made me stop and think about how I want to go about living a chaste life when I’m in a relationship. It made me realise just how important it is to have God as the foundation for a good and holy relationship Total, faithful and sacrificial! Simon Carrington delivers in true Aussie style the reverence forgotten when it comes to dating and relationships. Deeply thought provoking and a spiritually forming speaker”

“Simon’s talk was great! Really helped me to understand how to find long-lasting love and not just 50 boyfriends before you find “The One”. His tips were great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He really helped me to understand this topic more.”

“Simon was passionate! I just saw the Aussie version of Jason Evert!”

“Simon’s talk was very relatable and life changing. I’m speechless!”

“I learned that men and women think very differently from each other. I learned that it is extremely important not to dive head first into a relationship, since guys might look at a woman in a more physical way. I learned that sacrifice shows true love in a relationship.”

“I liked that Simon demonstrated through his own life experience that love is possible. It will be very helpful for me in the future.”

“His talk was very good and eye opening. I learned that if you want a good relationship, as a girl, I have to respect my body by dressing appropriately. He made relationships seem so much more beautiful than they are portrayed in the media.”

“Simon’s talk was good because it was very engaging. He gave his personal experiences, which was good. I learned that porn will not fill the desire for love and that it is detrimental to future relationships.”

“Simon’s talk was great! He was so engaging and relatable. He helped me learn life-long lessons about relationships. He opened my eyes and really helped me to understand the meaning of AUTHENTIC LOVE.”

“Thank you Simon for coming to our school, and opening our eyes so that we can live chaste lives. It was inspirational to see you have the courage to tell us about your experience, so that you could help us to become better people.”

“Simon Spoke about ways in which to discern relationships in a proper way. It was eye-opening and life-changing. Thank you!”

“I found Simon’s talk really interesting, I was amazed that someone could talk for more than an hour, without any pictures or slideshows or any sort of aids, and still be interesting! It was challenging to listen to at times, but I’m glad he was so honest, because otherwise he couldn’t have given the full reason behind the Church’s teaching on chastity. The way Simon explained chastity and purity really showed me that there are many good and beautiful reasons behind the Church’s ‘rules’, which sometimes seem to be just meaningless, instead of guidelines for how to live lovingly and beautifully. ‘Don’t live together before you’re married’ and so on, started to really make sense. Another thing I really liked was the way he used science and statistics to back up the Church, it wasn’t just talk and opinion.”

“Simon is a great speaker, he made a LOT of very good points about dating and I can honestly say he gave me some SUPER clear ways to deal with certain elements of dating!!!! Simon’s talk was spot on regarding the way females think! He certainly knows both the female and male psyche really well. I didn’t even know I was “that girl” whose ‘yes’ (to a date) meant as little as it does. He empowered me to say ‘no’ to dates that I am sure won’t go anywhere, so that one day, my ‘yes’ will be worth a great deal! I didn’t even think I needed to go to his talk, but am SO thankful I did! Everyone I spoke to after the talk thoroughly enjoyed it! He gave us some really straightforward, practical advice for dating! Thank you Simon, I really needed that talk tonight!”

“Simon’s personal testimony was truly inspiring! It impacted me in many ways because I never thought about the things Simon spoke about. I always thought what you did before relationships never impacted the way your partner thought of himself or herself. I always liked this guy at school and went out of my way to make myself noticed to him and I would never be myself to get him to like me. Simon taught me that I should always be myself and God will tell me when I’m ready and lead me to the right guy. I highly recommend his speech it is really inspiring and you will learn so much. To find out more you will have to listen to him say the speech, it was the BEST speech EVER!”

“I never even knew I needed a talk about chastity, but I did. Simon Carrington’s courage is life saving. His openness and honesty is admirable. After his talk, I finally felt understood and renewed. Simon speaks with such authenticity and passion, and I hope that those people out there struggling with lust are also able to heed his powerful words”

“Simon was an incredible choice for a speaker. I feel more formed in the virtue of chastity and I have a deeper trust in God’s will.”

“Your really awesome, you helped me so much with your talk, thank you!”

“Simon, thank you for the talk! This will be a revolutionary and pivotal turn for me, and I’ve struggled with my values in the area of lust so thanks for clearing things up for me. You’ve changed my relationships for the better with many people!”

“Simon thanks so much for the awesome talk, especially for raising the point about girl’s addiction to porn. It’ll really help me in my own struggle against porn.”

“If you did not come to my school, I would not be the person I am today!”