About us

Our mission is to restore marriage and family life in our culture by proclaiming Saint John Paul the Great’s Theology of

the Body.

From dating to marriage, and everything in between, Fire Up Ministries offers talks and courses for teens and adults alike. Through powerful presentations and resources, we are empowering everybody to embrace the gift of sexuality.

Simon and Madeleine are passionate about sharing the message of Chastity and Theology of the Body with everybody!

Simon Carrington

Simon Carrington is the founder of Fire Up Ministries. A mission devoted to restoring marriage and family life in our culture through a bold proclamation of St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

Simon completed a Bachelor of Theology, minoring in Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame Australia in 2016, and is currently undertaking a Certification Course at the Theology of the Body Institute in Pennsylvania, USA. 

Simon has been active in youth ministry and evangelisation for several years, with a passionate focus on chastity, dating and theology of the body.  He speaks to thousands of people each year at schools, parishes, retreats and conferences around Australia. 

Simon is the cohost of “The Fire Up Podcast” with his beautiful wife Madeleine. In 2019, they welcomed their first son, Joseph Kolbe. 




Madeleine Carrington

Madeleine Carrington was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She completed a Bachelor of Arts (Theology and History) and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Madeleine fell in love with the teachings of Saint John Paul II while she was studying at Notre Dame. She was inspired to be a missionary after attending the annual March for Life in Washington D.C in January 2012.

In August 2013, she moved to Philadelphia in the USA to dedicate a year of her life speaking to young people about the pro-life and chastity message. She has worked as a High School Teacher for a number of years and co-hosted a Chastity series on the Voice of Charity radio station. Madeleine has spoken to thousands of young people in America and across Australia. She has studied a number of courses under the Theology of the Body Institute in Pennsylvania, USA. In 2017 she co-founded Fire Up Ministries with her husband Simon.

Madeleine lives in Western Sydney with her husband Simon. In 2019 they welcomed their first Son Joseph Kolbe. 


Without the same life and cultural experiences, older catechists often find it hard to relate to young people.

As a team, FireUp understands young people. We recognize the struggles they’re faced with today, both online and in the culture.


We create online content to help reach and educate young people. By using video and social media, we engage them from where they are.


We’ve been there. We understand the confusion and darkness you feel, and can talk from that pain. We’re ready to show you the hope and possibilities that your future holds.

As a student of mine, I recognized a fire in Simon Carrington from the start.

Having listened to him teach, I can tell he has integrated what he learned in the classroom deeply in his own life, that it has become a lived experience for him. He teaches from the heart, with passion, with insight, and with love. You will not be disappointed bringing Simon to speak for your organization!

Christopher West
Founder and President, The Cor Project,
Senior Lecturer of Theology & Christian Anthropology, Theology of the Body Institute

Every time I visit Australia to speak, people there tell me that it is “missionary territory” because so many young Australians have yet to hear the good news of the Church, especially as it pertains to chastity and human sexuality.

Therefore, what Australia needs right now are true missionaries, and Simon Carrington is one of them! His love for the faith, his zeal for souls, and his understanding of the Church’s teachings on chastity are contagious.

Jason Evert
Founder of the Chastity Project

I was recently at a conference with a large gathering of men and had the opportunity to listen and learn from Key Note speaker Simon Carrington.

He was very well prepared, powerful, passionate and closed with some practical suggestions that I could take home and apply to my own life and relationships. Simon is a gifted speaker and I have no hesitation in recommending and endorsing him for any speaking engagement.

Robert Falzon
Speaker, Author and Founder of menALIVE

Simon Carrington speaks with amazing openness and energy on the topic of manhood and respect for women. The Year 7-9 boys were completely engaged in this session. He uses stories, humour and frank ideas in an entertaining and convincing way. Many students approached me afterwards to say that Simon was the most effective guest speaker they have had at school. I highly recommend Simon to speak to all secondary boys and girls.

Chris Tanna
Director of Secondary Formation, Redfield College, Dural

Simon Carrington is an exceptional young man of faith and good character, who is capable of imparting his faith in a very real and passionate way. He has an amazing way of connecting to his audience by sharing his personal testimony, leaving the audience laughing, shedding a few tears and totally engaged. Simon encourages our youth of today to strive to live the virtues of chastity and purity. His testimony is witness to the truth that these beautiful virtues are still attainable in our highly sexualised society. Put simply, he inspires young people to strive for holiness in their daily lives. He doesn’t claim that it’s easy, but he shows that it’s through the struggles that we grow and develop in our love for Christ and for others.

Rita Sakr
Coordinator Personalised Education, Tangara School for Girls, Cherrybrook

“From the very first clip I ever watched of Simon, I had a great urge to scream out ‘YES!’ thank God someone is finally talking to young people about this!!”

I wish I’d heard this talk when I was 17 years old and in my first serious relationship. The gift that you have to offer the youth of today is priceless and I pray that you always feel supported in your ministry. Your talks have touched me in a way that I can’t explain. God bless you always!

Alison Khalil
Family Educator, St Kevin’s Eastwood