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Discover the Theology of the Body

The Theology of the Body is much more than the do’s and don’ts of sex. The Theology of the Body seeks to answer two fundamentals questions; What does it mean to be human, and how must I live in order to experience authentic happiness?

Sexual Freedom

We all desire to experience an authentic freedom with our sexuality, a freedom from lust in order to be free to love. To be set free from sin, so we can be free to act with virtue. The virtue of chastity is the virtue that sets us free to love and be loved!

Hungry for Love

We are all hungry for love! Simon and Madeleine witness to this hunger for love through their powerful and engaging presentations and course! Discover how the deepest desires for love you experience are a roadmap to finding your ultimate happiness!

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Most Catholics have heard of St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, but aren’t too sure what it is really about. 

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The Catholic Church’s teachings on authentic love and human sexuality helps every person to experience the love they have always dreamed of.

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Julian Porteous, DD
Archbishop of Hobart

“Relationships, sexuality and marriage are hot topics in our society… It is young people sharing with their own generation that is most effective. I was delighted to have Simon and Madeleine speak to the young people in Hobart.”

Richard Umbers DD VG
Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney

“I am pleased to give my endorsement to Fire Up Ministries… There is real need for clear markers on how to foster healthy personal relations. Fire Up Ministries is a great aid towards helping people in their apprenticeship of living the full demands of their faith.”

Charbel Raish
Founding Director of Parousia Media

I wholeheartedly endorse the work of Simon Carrington and the Fire Up Ministries team. They are on the front line for the battle of purity with teenagers, young adults and parents. I constantly hear stories of people’s lives being transformed thanks to the work of Fire Up ministries. From the courses, the resources, the seminars, conferences, parish retreats and online programs, it is making a big difference. I strongly encourage every parish and school to book Simon Carrington from Fire Up ministries, as you will see this as an investment for the future of our young people and the Church as a whole. An amazing apostolate.”