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  • We believe many of the youth are lied to by the culture about what love and authentic relationships look like and what sex means.
  • Primary school children are viewing pornography and gender ideologies being pushed at such young ages, promiscuity so prevalent among teens and the enforcement of same-sex marriage – we know that our mission to unveil the truth of God’s plan for human sexuality has never been more needed!
  • We share the truth of God’s plan for relationships, reveal the harm of things like pornography and promiscuity, encourage them to save sex for marriage and help them to start over through prayer and the sacraments.
  • We distribute free miraculous medals, rosaries, purity cards, CDs and booklets after each presentation.
  • We believe that the Theology of the Body is the answer to the cultural shift in marriage and family life in the modern world.
  • We share the fundamental truth that we are inherently good, that we are made male and female in the image and likeness of God and that we are called to communion and life-giving love.
  • We support young people by offering courses on the Theology of the Body ranging from one day to ten weeks.
  • We produce content in the form of blogs and videos. We are working on our first book and running our first theology of the body retreat for youth and young adults.
  • We hold events for youth and adults featuring guest speakers, music, adoration, confession and fellowship.

We don’t ever want a lack of funding to get in the way of us offering these life-changing talks and distributing these transforming resources! So…

Become part of an Australian Theology of the Body Community that will learn, grow and share the Gospel of life and love! Not only are you helping support us in our fulltime mission, but you will also receive ongoing formation and resources to strengthen you and your family!

Fire Up Packages

  1. Gold Member for just $10p.m.
  • Thank you for your support! You will be in our daily prayers
  • Receive monthly formation and updates on our schedule via our newsletter
  • Invitations to exclusive Fire Up Family Events with fellowship, guest speakers, adoration, music ministry and the sacraments.
  1. ‘Fire Up’ Member $30p.m.
  • Become part of an exclusive Facebook community of like-minded Theology of the Body lovers, featuring expert speakers on all topics relating to sex, love and marriage.
  • You will receive ongoing formation in the Theology of the Body, and be the first to view all blogs and videos.
  • All “new release” Fire Up Ministries resources such as CDs and Books will be posted to you FREE!
  • Ask me a question, and Ill answer it in a personalised video for you, and share it with the family!
  1. Diamond Member from $100 p.m.
  • In addition to the Fire Up package
  • Receive 50% of all Fire Up Events, Courses and Retreats
  • Receive a Theology of the Body Resource Package
  1. Platinum Member from $250 p.m.
  • In addition to the Diamond package, the Platinum Package will give you complete access to all Events, Courses and Retreats for FREE!
  • We are always looking for Catholic business owners who would like to support our ministry. Please ask us about how we could promote your business in addition to the Platinum Package benefits.
  1. One Time Gift
  • You may wish to donate a once off amount to support our ministry!
  • Ask us about how to make a tax-deductible donation!