My Wedding Day!

Simon and Madeleine – Highlights

As an 18 year old, Simon Carrington walked to the florist on the 1st Saturday of every month, bought a single white rose and brought it to his local church where he would kneel in front of Mary and pray for a girl he hadn't even met yet. His future wife.After 19 Rose offerings alone, on the 20th visit he came with a friend.A friend who would ultimately become his girlfriend, then fiancee, and now wife.As a bit of celebrity in Sydney Catholic circles, one of our videographers was a bit star struck when found out he was filming Simon Carrington and Madeleine Vella's wedding. 'They're going to be future saints,' he reckons. The two have devoted their lives to giving talks in schools about 'real love.' PS. check out their works at Fire Up Ministries.These two had one of the most incredible love stories we've been honoured to film. From when I had first met them in Max Brenner, to interviewing them, to actually capturing their day, it's been nothing but bliss interacting with them. Time with them taught me the value in not just withholding from things that are bad, but also how withholding from things that are good; is an even more worthwhile sacrifice.PS. The kiss at the end is not only their first kiss as husband and wife, but their first kiss ever. I shed a bit of a tear filming this moment, apologies for any camera shake.Florist: City Flower – Mays HillDJ: DJ SolutionsCake: Cake SalonCeremony: St Benedict’s Church BroadwayReception: The Epping ClubPhotographer: Giovanni Portelli PhotographySuits: Yd.Dresses: Review Australia

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When I awoke on the morning of my wedding, I was expecting to be really nervous, but to my surprise, there was stillness, a deep peace. One that I have never felt before in my life. I knew that this was an affirmation that I was following the will of God for my life. I knew God had called Madeleine and I to the Sacrament of Matrimony.

When Adrian from Captured Frames (They did the amazing highlights video attached, and were incredible the whole day) arrived at my house to begin filming, he brought me a gift from Madeleine. It was a letter that she had written to me during her holy hour that morning! Attached to this letter was Madeleine’s Chastity Card. A card that she signed as a young adult, promising to preserve the gift of her sexuality for her future husband on her wedding day. I began reading the letter and a wave of emotion broke over me. I began tearing up and could barely read the letter. Do you have any idea how beautiful it is to know that someone loved you years before they had even met you? I had never felt so loved by her in my life. This was the beginning of many tears and beautiful moments to come that day! For those that were there – you know what I mean!

I arrived at St Benedict’s Parish Broadway, and the joy and excitement couldn’t be hidden from my face. The adrenaline was pumping, I could barely contain myself! I basically skipped up the aisle with my groomsmen, meeting and greeting everyone on the way. I was eagerly awaiting her arrival!

I saw the cars pull up outside and my emotion started building. “Hold it in son!” I said to myself. “She hasn’t even walked in yet!” As the bridesmaids entered to grand music, my heart began to climb up my chest and into my throat. I could feel the joy turning into a deep emotional gratitude and appreciation for what I was about to receive. Then suddenly a moment’s silence… and the Ave Maria entrance hymn began. The big doors of St Ben’s opened wide and my eyes caught Madeleine. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. In a matter of seconds I was totally flooded with tears (As you’ll see in the video). As Madeleine walked up the aisle to meet me at the altar, I was so overwhelmed at her beauty and that this day I had dreamt of my whole life, was here. I had played this out in my head hundreds of times, and it paled in comparison! This is a day I had been waiting and praying for my whole life, and it was finally here! Madeline was glowing with a radiant beauty and purity and everyone could see it!

As I firmly shook my future father-in-law’s hand, he handed Madeleine over to me to be the new man in her life. I looked into Madeleine’s eyes for so long once we met, that Fr. Daniel had to signal for me to walk to our place on the sanctuary. I was mesmerized! I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she was just glowing like I’ve never seen. It was as though sunshine was coming from her smile, and her eyes were like dazzling jewels.

William Panagakos and Thomas Langrell read our readings with clarity and reverence, and Cormac McCaughan sang the psalm beautifully! Fr. Daniel gave a cracker of a homily, and was so full of joy! Many people actually commented on how much he added to the joy of the day.

When we exchanged vows, there was a beautiful significance and seriousness to them, whilst being wrapped in an excitement and happiness I cant explain! I had known for 3 years I wanted to marry Madeleine, and I was finally pledging my life to her. We were finally going to be able to make a total gift of ourselves to each other as husband and wife, like we had been yearning to do for so long!

When Fr. Daniel pronounced us husband and wife a dream came true for both of us. I eagerly lifted Madeleine’s veil from her face and gave her the first ever kiss we had shared together. I was inspired by a Catholic couple that had chosen to save their first kiss for their wedding day, and I had decided at age 19 to do the same. As you will see on the video, this was an incredibly beautiful moment for us. I must say, this truly was a significant part of that day, and we received this gift from each other with so much joy! I would strongly encourage young people to do the same! It taught us a lot about love, and I can honestly say I married my best friend.

Finally, the most beautiful way to close the wedding mass was to literally receive that which we were imitating that day – the total giving of the bridegroom to the bride in the Holy Eucharist. It was truly beautiful to receive communion alongside my wife for the first time. Just as Jesus was giving himself to Madeleine and I totally, I was now called to image that same free, total, faithful and fruitful love for Madeleine. We skipped down the aisle after mass had ended, with the biggest smiles on our faces! Our Wedding Day was truly a joy-filled day! Thank you God for answering our prayers, and thank you to all who were there to share that special day with us!

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  1. Simon, I remember you from our week at the TOB1 course in Pennsylvania 2 years ago. You brought so much joy(and a funny accent)! God bless you both as you begin life as a married couple!

  2. Tanja I certainly remember you! You would have heard me talk very much about my beautiful fiance at the time, and I am so excited to be married to her now! Please keep us and our ministry in your prayers! I hope you and the family are well!

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